Crash 2018

Crash is a community building event fully dedicated to the Blues. It aims to make everyone feel welcome through participating while sharing knowledge, enthusiasm and curiosity.  By bringing some of the lacking bits & pieces of its old long history and culture that are less accessible, Crash hopes to help building a deeper understanding of the dance & music we all love.

In 2018 we are bringing you a new Crash, exclusively focused in the Blues. There will be workshops, dinners,  discussions, and parties with live music that we can no longer live without.

It is walking towards its 6th  consecutive year, and has had different programs every single one of them. If you joined Crash in previous years, you will find the very same feeling of “gezelligheid” (Dutch for cozy/nice/homie), alongside a broadened program of classes and discussions .

Crash happens in the city of Delft – The Netherlands, from the 16th till the 19th of February.

Survivors Photo by Jean-Baptiste Lamontre Photographer during Crash 2016